Saints Win Again in Paso

posted Jan 9, 2018, 11:20 AM by Ryan Allison

            On Wednesday December 13th, AMS Saints showed Paso, for the second time this season, whose boss on the hardwood. AMS beat Flamson on their home turf, with a bombshell of a score: 83-7. This moves the Saints to five game winning streak.

            Saints ruled the scoreboard in the first quarter by putting up 24 points in a virtually non-stop offensive blitz. With Kalvin Shope & Curran Hoxie leading the blitz in the first half with 16 points between them. Flamson struggled on both sides of the ball in the first two. Flamson had no defensive answer to the Saints all out wrecking ball offense, and the home team was only able to find payday on the scoreboard two times. AMS showed no mercy in the second half, putting up 21 points in both the 3rd and 4th quarter. In the end, Flamson only added 3 more points to the score board giving them only 7 points. Levi Meeks helped the offensive attack by offering up five assists. With Sonny Rowlett right behind Levi with four assists. Kaiden Abma worked hard under the net and led the game stats with seven defensive rebounds.

            Court cred this game goes to Kalvin Shope for his outstanding game both defensively with his dirty work under the basket, fighting for rebounds. Kalvin racked up six defensive rebounds, two assists, and was the nights leading scorer, lighting up the score board with 14 points.

            Until its tipped off again on December 18th that’s Hootie’s scoop on the hoop.


Weston Hooten

Kid Sports Reporter