Atascadero Saints Deliver Lions’ Fate in Crushing 4th Quarter

posted Jan 16, 2018, 11:09 AM by Ryan Allison

            On December 18th, AMS beat Los Osos Lions in an all-out offensive attack. The board in the 4th quarter lit up like the 4th of July sky. Saints put up forty (yes, I said forty) points in the last 10 minutes of the game. The Lions had no defensive solution to the Saints’ brutal offensive blitz. Saints won the game with 77 points at the final buzzer.

            Offensive domination seems to be a theme with this 8th grade team. Considering, they man-handled Flamson offensively, just the week before. The first quarter started with a slow offensive burn. Saints put up 13 points in the first 10. In the second quarter, the offensive fire was fanned by: Moscardi, Abma, and Waiters, with all three making two baskets each, putting 12 more on the board. Saints were consistent in the 3rd quarter with their two-point scoring drives. Resulting in 12 more.

            The fourth quarter is where the magic happened. Saints scored 40 points. Logan Reyes and Riley Coalwell led the blitz with 27 points between them. Reyes, had nine attempts “on the house” and made eight of those. Reyes, added five more points finding the net for a total of 13. Coalwell, had two attempts “on the house” making both and had four three-point torpedoes. For a total of 14 points. This game, court cred goes to Reyes and Coalwell for their offensive work in the 4th.

            December 19th, the Saints played St. Pats and beat them with a final score of 62. AMS remains undefeated this season. This 8th grade team refuses to be beat.

            Until it is tipped off again on January 10th against Mission Prep, that’s Hootie’s scoop on the hoop.


Weston Hooten

Kid Sports Reporter